Be Like Elsa and Let it Go

Let it goooooo, let it goooo…ah erm, well many of us have heard the now famous song from the Disney film Frozen but for those who have not it’s also likely to be something you’ve heard before or had said to you. As in the song to be told this means to move on from the past or from people who may not treat you well. Here we’ll talk about some reasons to know when it’s time to move on and why it can be beneficial.

Why Move On?

There’s obvious times when we know we have to move on from things bur sometimes it’s the smaller ones we can ignore. If you don’t feel like you are getting what you want from life and aren’t learning anything any more then it may be time to move on and make changes. If someone is having a negative impact on you, even in small, little ways then move on from them. Their negative energy will build and build and over time they will start to have a more profound effect on you.

Living in the past is a great reason to move on, if someone has hurt you then don’t chase them. If you’re trying to recreate past events then that’s certainly an indicator for you to look ahead and push on, looking to the past isn’t going to help you. It’s great to grow and learn from the past but don’t keep trying to live in it. Old grudges are something you must also let go of, holding onto the weight, resentment and anger from an old grudge is only ever going to hold you back.

By moving on you’ll find new opportunities open up to you, you’ll feel spiritually lifted and more confident with the choices that you make in life. You’ll see new people come into your life who will have time and respect for you and as such you’ll be much happier and wondering why you ever held on to the past in the first place. You’ll also be much more aware of when you need to move on the next time.

How to Let it Go

So how do you actually go about this? The following may help you:

  • Change Your Company

Whether it’s a friend or a partner it may well be time to get away from them, distancing yourself from a person who holds you back can be extremely liberating.

  • Know What Can be Changed

There’s no point in trying to change what can’t be altered. So it’s always best to focus on what can be changed. You may hate where you live but you may very well be in a position where you can’t afford to move or doing so would lose you a job etc. In these cases taking small steps and planning ahead is for the best.

  • Take Full Control of Your Life

Basically this means that you have to want these changes, you have to want to move and want the best for yourself. Your job may be awful but unless you’re looking for another one then you are the one holding yourself back, you are the one to blame if you stay there.

  • Take Some Chances

Sticking with what’s familiar can be comforting but at the same time it can be debilitating as well. Having the same friends, the same routines, the same plans day in and day out can start to drain you. Try new things and create more opportunities. By doing this you’ll find that making other choices to let go will be easier. If you network with new people you may find that better job offer.

  • Focus on Now

By focusing on the present you will propel yourself further and further into your future with a much more positive frame of mind. This will open more doors for you and the more you look ahead the more you leave the past behind. By all means think of the past but do not base your decisions on it or try to recreate it. Think and move on and then think of now, it’s more important to you.

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