How to make the most of the Full Moon!

What can the Full Moon mean for you?

On the 22nd July this year there is a full moon, it was originally thought that the moon heightened lunacy and wild behaviour in animals and in people! Today we realise it’s not really linked to this but it can mean an emotional shift is coming up ahead! It’s time to prepare, take a step back and think about what you want from life.

It can mean spiritual changes in your life are on the way. The height of this time is 3 days before and after the Full Moon so there is a whole week where matters of the heart, career, money, friendships and home life can all take a change in direction.

What is a Full Moon literally and spiritually?

Literally speaking it is when the whole face of the moon is illuminated, this means we can see the moon in ‘full’ from the earth. Take some time to look at her and take in the lunar energy she has to share with the universe. Many find looking at the moon to be very soothing and therapeutic.

The Moon at its full is linked with fertility, mothers and goddesses, a time where psychic ability can peak and intuition is at its strongest. If you have been sitting on ideas or wondering what pathway to take then this will be a great time to contact a psychic or medium as their energies linked into this moon phase has the power to give them more information than usual. With this information you will be able to gain more clarity and insight into your life and the people around you!

What can I do during this time?

As well as considering an accurate psychic reading you may want to try and focus your energies. The Full Moon brings a lot of emotional energy down to the Earth, it can increase positivity and good luck or it can create chaos. It’s all a case of knowing what to do at this special time.

A lot of people also take this time to ground themselves, know what they are thankful for and who to appreciate in their lives. Make sure that any negative people are kept at bay during this time as they could bring you down. Conversely make sure to draw those you love and who respect you even nearer at this wonderful time.

Emotions are heightened, so if you are angry this will be amplified, the same if you are sad or resentful, here are some tips to help you during this event:

  • Try not to get angry or argue with others
  • Think positive thoughts, even if frustrated, they can grow and support you
  • Think of people in need and send your healing thoughts to them
  • Try to meditate and relax as much as you can
  • Visualise your goals becoming reality
  • Seek advice from trusted psychics to get on the right pathway

The Full Moon only comes once a month and it’s an ideal time to reflect on what you need and want from life and how to get it. You deserve happiness and it’s often out there waiting for you, it’s just a case of knowing how to obtain it during this special time.

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