Is Technology Really That Bad?


Back in the 80’s I don’t think I knew anyone with a computer, the school had one, yes ONE for the entire school but that was about it. As the 90’s approached more and more people were talking about computers, buying them and then the internet happened. The 90’s and 00’s saw a wonderful revelation with the internet but along with it came also mobile phones, handheld games and many many more gadgets.

While we all enjoyed this new boost in technology and the help it gave us the longer this went on the more concerned people became. We were getting too last, kids weren’t playing outside, the computer had turned into the new demon the TV had back in the 80’s. Who remembers being told “Don’t sit too close! It’ll rot your brain”? Well now parents and others alike are worrying about the effects of long term use of technology.

How Has It Helped

The sad thing is that technology has actually helped so many people and businesses and has had a really positive impact. Companies can serve their customers better, charities can spread the word and raise money much faster. Those who are disabled or infirm can have their shopping delivered to their door. The busy working parent can pay their bills online without having to go to the bank. People stranded in a broken down car can use their mobile phone to call for help.

Whilst it can have its drawbacks technology isn’t really the monster some make it out to be. Developments in health and medication are progressed rapidly by advances in technology, in some cases doctors can even diagnose people without having to leave their home office. Conversing online also means companies can interview field agents without having them travel hundreds of miles for a face to face interview.

Social Media

Again many will say that social media is stopping people from meeting up or chatting to one another in “real life” – that is, face to face or over the phone. But what if you can’t afford to call your friend? What if you can’t meet someone because they live on the other side of the world? Well social media will have you covered. Sites that let people share and watch videos bring us entertainment, knowledge and also a way to progress. I often use such places for guided meditation and relaxation.

Whilst we do need to be careful online and obviously protect and educate our children, we must also embrace its good side. Being able to log on and connect with people is essential for those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to do it. To vent or just chat to someone, to see those comforting words can mean the world to a lonely person.

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