Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spring is nearly upon us and at this time many of us have a spring clean, we clear out what we no longer need and make way for better times ahead. We may even shed or pack away our winter attire and bring out the lighter and brighter garments out from storage.

And when it comes to spring cleaning, many of us are ready with mop and broom in hand to tackle every dusty corner of the house. Although checking off your list of tidying chores is a great achievement, what about a little spring cleaning for your soul? Here’s a list of essential spiritual goals to complete for a fresh outlook on life.

Rid Yourself of What May Bring You Down

Spring cleaning at home often involves getting rid of things you longer want or need like furniture and clothing. In many ways, it’s the same with your soul. To add sparkle to your soul, be sure to polish up your outlook on life and know that you can make the right changes.

Do you have relationships or friendships that no longer serve or suit you? This is the perfect time to let go. It might sound harsh to cut loose certain people and connections in your life, but is hanging on better for you, particularly if you are approaching the relationship half-heartedly or if it’s stressing you out?

That’s not helping you or the other person. Let go and free each other’s energy to pursue new friendships and adventures. By doing this you will draw the right people into your life and as such you will see more and more opportunities open up for you. People will connect with you and create more chances and more positivity in your life for the better.

Clear away Emotional Cobwebs

Cobwebs often have a way of sneaking into your home without your knowledge. Only until you start cleaning thoroughly do you realize how many there are! The same can be said of your spirit and soul, the basis of your emotional life.

There’s a very strong chance that you’ve been collecting quite a few emotional cobwebs without really being fully aware of it. Have you ignored or suppressed your feelings, thinking that you’ll deal with them later? Or maybe there is hidden resentment or grief that has stayed with you over the months or years.

Well now is the time for you to clear those emotional cobwebs. Use spiritual cleansing tools like mediation, to help you release those emotions. You’ll be much better off for it and have much more clarity in your life as a result.

Take Out the Mental Rubbish

Spring cleaning wouldn’t mean much if you didn’t take out the rubbish. Make your soul pure by taking out the mental rubbish. That means throwing out the negative thoughts. They do you absolutely no good, and just like regular rubbish that attracts flies, negative thinking attracts the flies of bad vibrations.

I know for some it’s much easier said than done but there are ways over time that you can change your thought processes. When you catch yourself putting yourself or your ideas down, stop and listen. Know that you are valid and have valuable thoughts. If someone bothers you, know that you have the power and ability to walk away from them. Others can sometimes be a big burden when it comes to beating ourselves up!

Do yourself a favour and bag up those self-defeating and destructive thoughts, and kick them to the curb! Make your good qualities and positive feelings shine and remind yourself every day just how much you are worth to yourself and others. Dust off your gratitude, appreciation and optimism. Before you know it your soul will shine for all to see!


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