The Truth Behind the Tarot

Outdated or Useful?

Many people have reservations when it comes to Tarot cards, they imagine a wizened old lady wearing a headscarf in a small room waving her hands over a crystal ball imagining tall dark strangers coming into your life. The truth is that many readers today use the Tarot as a modern way to gain deeper insight into your life.

I have taught many how to read and interpret Tarot cards and my first piece of advice is not to see them as having strict meaning. They are to be used as a tool and a guide much like other forms of divination. There is no set meaning to each card, nor what they mean for the person having a reading.

People are individuals and as such their reading has to be individual as well. The beautiful images on many cards help tell the reader a story and give guidance to their client. They can help people who have questions or who may simply want general guidance in their lives. They cannot strictly tell the future but they can guide you to make the right choices to gain what you want from life.

History of Tarot

The history of the cards is often in dispute, some say the Egyptians invented them, others say they were used many years ago as playing cards in Europe. Either way, the way they are used today can be very beneficial alongside a reading. The client can also see their cards and even bring their own interpretation later on when looking back on them.

They were used as playing cards because the church saw interpretation of non religious images to be a sin. So they were disguised as something merely for fun but many started to use them for guidance and divination. As the church became more relaxed those readers started to share their gift.

Different Decks

As there are so many kinds of decks you may wonder why a reader uses a certain one. I can say for myself that from being a young teenager I was drawn to a particular deck and my mother kindly bought it for me. I used this deck for many years, studying the images and wondering what meanings they could have for me and others.

As I developed spiritually I realised that the deck I had was giving me limited information and so sought other decks. For love readings I like to use the Tarot of the Witches or the New Palladini deck. Both have very strong visual imagery which my clients often ask about, they also comment that they feel connected with some cards over others as well which is a great comfort to them when they find out the meaning.

This will vary from reader to reader, some will prefer plainer decks using the words and numbers the card may represent as a guide more than the visual. It all depends on what works best for your reader. If you are ever interested in getting some cards do research or ask to see what the deck looks like and make sure that you are happy with what it looks like.

How Tarot can Help You

If you have not had a reading that involved Tarot in the past then you may want to try it. Many of the people I have read for the first time are often stunned and surprised. A lot tend to ask me how I reach my conclusions via the cards and whilst it is hard to explain fully I know that my guidance can help others a lot.

We have many readers here who are highly skilled in Tarot and have had this skill tested. They are able to use it alongside readings to give you amazing insight and guidance along with their guides and the angels giving them advice as well. Give it a go, you may be very surprised!

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