Why Respect is So Important!

Respect is an important thing to give and to receive. Respect shows that you think that the other person has value and that you want to show them that. It allows people to communicate and live in relative harmony. If I respect you, even when I don’t agree with what you do or say, I won’t make nasty comments or try to make your life more difficult.

I may voice my opinion about things, but I won’t insist that you agree or follow my line of thinking. Similarly, if you respect me, you’ll listen to my opinion, weigh it honestly and then make your own decision. Again, you may voice your disagreement, but it won’t become a full-blown argument because we can respect each other’s differing opinions.

Mindfulness in Relationships

Respect is a key aspect in any relationship; this may be between lovers, parent and child, teacher and pupil, brother and sister and so on. Respect brings with it a mindfulness that helps both sides to create an even and equal bond. This bond can bring about some excellent situations and exchanges in ideas and also better environments to work, learn and live in.

Having Respect for Others

Respecting someone else doesn’t mean sucking up to them or trying to be the best or favourite. It simply means that you have strength and maturity that shows you can be level headed. Some examples of having respect for others include:

  • Sticking to arrangements – being on time, reaching deadlines etc
  • Being polite, professional and courteous
  • Being fair and listening to others
  • Be clear and honest, don’t confuse people with your words or hide malice behind them
  • Be able to accept criticism and advice
  • Demonstrate self-control

Of course it’s not always easy to do these things especially if you feel frustrated but try not to let that cloud your judgement of the situation. Be calm and fair and let people see that you are a strong and level headed person even in the height of any problems. It will gain you a LOT of respect back into your life.

Having Respect for Yourself

Self-respect is something that is referred to and quoted often but many people seem to misunderstand what it actually involves. Self-respect is about liking oneself and giving yourself dignity, just like you would give it to any other person. Self-respect is such an important thing because without it self-love is impossible and loving others in a healthy way is impossible. If you lack self-respect, you will allow others to trample on your dignity which will perpetuate the cycle, making you hate yourself and hate the person doing the trampling even more.

On the other hand, when you have self-respect, you really, truly like yourself and have dignity. You set boundaries in your lifestyle and relationships and others respect you for it. You allow no one to treat you in a bad way and treat others in a good way. If people do treat you badly, try not to take it personally, don’t allow it to continue and move on with your life. When someone gives you a compliment and you have self-respect you can truly enjoy and accept the compliment knowing it is deserved.

Treat Others as they Wish to Be Treated

This is a golden rule when it comes to respect and it’s very simple indeed that even children are taught this from an early age. They are told to be kind and fair to others, to make sure they don’t hurt people’s feelings but it’s something that adults often forget. As adults it’s easy for us to become blinded by emotions such as anger, jealousy, bigotry and so on and they in turn stop us from respecting others and in turn ourselves.

Along with this it’s always good to praise people for their efforts, ideas and thoughts, even for their time and loyalty. Only speaking to people to complain or tell them what they have done wrong is demoralising and you will know yourself that you wouldn’t like that to happen to you. Before you speak to someone consider how you would feel if someone spoke to you that way, how would it make you feel? How would it change your opinion of the messenger?

Overall respect is always a good thing, it can make people feel good, make them more productive, make them respect you and also bring about positive changes that may need to be made!

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