10 Steps for Self Care


Last week was Carers Week in the UK. A carer is someone who provides care above and beyond a usual relationship. This may be in helping someone to do simple things like reminding them to take medication to planning and their entire day for them or being with them every moment of the day. Whatever level of care provided it can be a strain and we have to ask “Who cares for the carers?” This is a very valid question and it also brings up the very important subject of Self-Care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is in basic terms looking after yourself, showering, eating, brushing your teeth etc. But there is a higher level of self-care that can really help you in life. This type of action towards your own life isn’t just for those who may be weak or struggling, it’s a great pathway for those who are also strong and ambitious to get what they want from life.

Self-care can empower you, if you have or face problems in life and are able to tackle them confidently and head on then you’ll feel good about yourself, while also solving a problem. Not only will you have created a positive change in your life but you’ll benefit from that confidence boost that you gain along with it.

Different Kinds of Self-Care

Self-care comes in many different forms, as above it can be as simple as looking after your body by cleaning and feeding it. However, self-care goes a lot deeper than that. It can include educating yourself on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness and a balanced diet. Taking courses to empower yourself on things like mindfulness or first aid. Consulting spiritual advisors like having a psychic phone reading or a love reading.

Approaches to self-care include things like quitting smoking, alternative medicine, stress and pain management and using apps or online tools to gain insight into your life. We even have an online and text reading service for just this kind of thing.

Steps for Self Care

Here are some ways that you can really gain and benefit from self-care in simply easy steps:


  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Say exactly what you mean
  3. If it feels wrong then do not do it
  4. Don’t be afraid to say yes or no
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Don’t be a people pleaser
  7. Don’t speak bad about yourself
  8. Let go of what you can’t control
  9. Walk away from drama and negativity
  10. Gain support and insight when you feel you need it

These are small but very enlightening ways of achieving self-care on a deep level. Trusting yourself and speaking your mind is so much more important than you may realise. Also while it may feel nice to gain the attention or likes of those around you, don’t fool yourself, pleasing people is good but don’t say things just to please them, please yourself first! If they don’t like it then they weren’t your friend in the first place.

Number 10 is a very important one, while we are good at looking after ourselves, we also must know when it’s good to get opinions or the insight of someone else in order to work out where we’re going and how to get there. It may be a case of lost love, wanting to know how an ex feels or even just wondering what lies ahead for you.

Contacting a Sundial reader will assist you greatly with Number 10 and you’ll be able to place these other steps into your life with a clearer view of what is coming to you in either your love or career life reading.

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