Psychic Phone Readings for Men

Men and women are not alike, and this is a fact. For starters, we are physically completely different. Our physical structure already says something about how we are built to survive. As Chilean psychologist Pilar Sordo says, men ‘push out’, women ‘bring in’. And this is just physiological.

There has been such a great movement about equality in the past century that we tend to believe that men and women have basically the same problems, but the truth is we don’t! Society, especially our Western society has placed such a huge burden on men. “Men don’t cry”. “Men don’t express their emotions this way or the other”. And thus, we have a huge population of men who are crying in the inside, affecting their health in so many ways: gastric ulcers, heart conditions, etc.

And what about sexual performance? Men are continuously held up to a standard here… am I right? And being a father… what about the responsibilities of being a dad? And you’re supposed to support the family financially as well. Well, maybe not so much nowadays, but it is very important that you bring the bread to the table, even if you’re sharing expenses with a partner.

There are so many questions and issues that are solely related to men that it’s great to know you can talk with someone who understands this. Imagine you just need to express your feelings, your frustration, you want to receive some psychic advice and guidance, but you won’t dare tell anyone about this. So, in the privacy of your office or home, you make the call, and have a psychic reading specifically related to your issues as a man. Maybe, you can already feel the relief of listening that it’s ok to cry, that it’s alright to express what you are feeling, that your anger is just another way of saying you’re scared, or that you feel sad about a loss, or that you simply need to listen to some spiritual advice, or a psychic reading for immediate day-to-day matters.