Phone or Face to Face?

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Receptionist available from 7am to 2am Call 0207 111 6336
£16.80 for 20, £22.80 for 30
& £28.80 for 40 minutes *

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Enter reader PIN when prompted to Call 0906 265 0700
£1.02/min + network extras
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Goldey aims to bring clarity where there is confusion, hope where there is worry, happiness where there has been sadness. Goldey is clairaudient, which means she senses a great deal from your voice, as well as clairvoyant and clairsentient but Astrology is Goldeys fortay. In order to get the most ou

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a wonderful Clairvoyant Medium. She is bubbly, caring and compassionate and will use her gifts to be the vessel for the direction you need for your life.

Charli Haynes

Charli is a wonderfully honest and funny reader. She is a gifted Empath and Psychic who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. She is extremely nurturing and only wants the best for you. She is down to earth and straight talking and will always be honest with you.

I'm sure you've asked yourself 'should I get a psychic reading on the phone? Would it work the same?’

The answer is yes. Energy is energy, it doesn’t matter if it’s face to face or on the phone. Doing a psychic reading is lovingly connecting with your energy and tapping into the information that is there for you.

I want you to imagine what it’s like to go to a psychic for a face to face reading... you get ready, you’re nervous, you don’t know what you're going to be told, you get into your car, or bus (and the weather!), it’s taken you xxx minutes to reach the psychic's office, you may or may not want anyone to see you go in or come out of there, you go into a waiting room, the place is strange, you may or may not feel comfortable there, the psychic receives you and you may feel judged, observed, and you wonder... what will she tell me?

Now, just imagine a psychic phone reading... you're home or in your office, you don't have to get especially ready to go out, no need to worry about the weather, you can get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, you're in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you pick your phone and call – no time in traffic-, no one needs to know who or where your calling, and you wonder... what will he tell me?

It takes some time and skill on behalf of the reader to help you become comfortable and open to the reading. When you feel comfortable, you also open and allow for healing to happen. So, on the contrary, when you feel stressed you somehow hinder with the quality of the information that is being channeled for you. Being in a relaxed mood, which of course can also happen in the psychic's office, will allow you to listen with openness to whatever is being shown to you.

And remember… energy is energy… if the information is there for you it doesn’t matter if the psychic reading is done face to face or through the phone.