An Astrological Guide to the best Valentine’s Day Gift



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many are wondering what gift to give to the special someone in their life. All sun signs have one thing in common: the wish to express their love to those around them. If you are stumped about a Valentine’s Day gift this year, worry not- this is common.

Fortunately, the science of astrology can offer some pretty good clues to the likes and dislikes of your Valentine.  Here are a few hints before you go gift shopping:


Your Aries lover is anything but practical. Aries is the star sign of the impulsive. They will appreciate anything fun or humorous. Is there a special inside joke you can play off of? Perhaps they have taken a sudden interest in learning to play an instrument? Of course, when all else fails, the flamboyant Aries personality will always accept the gift of jewelry from their Valentine.


A Taurus requires a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, so take the time to think ahead. They are easily offended by thoughtlessness. Taurus are practical people who will appreciate anything useful. Perhaps a new briefcase or a set of comfortable pajamas would feed their need for practicality. Otherwise, a Taurus is always appreciative of fine dining, but skip the restaurant. A Taurus is a creature of comfort who would rather enjoy a romantic night at home.


If your Valentine is a Gemini, you probably already know that they are great communicators. A new cell phone would be a great gift in consideration of their talkative nature. If your Gemini prefers written communication, a nice Stationery set never goes out of style. More importantly than the gift, however, your love will want to spend time talking to you on Valentine’s Day. Clear your schedule.


For Cancers, the presentation is as important as the gift. Your Valentine appreciates good manners and class, so be ready to dazzle. Skip anything sexy. Go for something sentimental. A Cancer will appreciate anything you make yourself. Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea for the Cancer is a photo session to commemorate your relationship. If all else fails, the Moon reigns over the star sign, which means they are drawn to silver.


Leos have a flair for the dramatic, so don’t be subtle. For Valentine’s Day, consider a gift of tickets to their favorite form of entertainment- a great movie will suffice, but they’d prefer something a little more social. Think about a ballet or a concert, instead. The Leo in your life would also appreciate a gift of fine jewelry or a day at the spa. They love to pamper themselves and they want to be pampered by you, too.


Virgo is an Earth sign, so skip cut flowers and opt for a plant- they appreciate anything living. If the weather is nice, a picnic lunch and stargazing are great Valentine’s Day options for the Virgo, who will not be expecting an expensive gift, anyway. If the weather isn’t nice, a trip to the book store will do work wonderfully.


Valentine’s Day was made for Libras. They like all the classical gifts and are suckers for aesthetics and being spoiled. Candy, jewelry, flowers, and stuffed animals are fool-proof gift ideas for this star sign. Present them after some wining and dining at the restaurant of their choice.


Scorpios are seductive and mysterious and they love to look their best. A new item of clothing is a great idea. Tarot decks, crystal balls, or a good mystery novel will feed into their love of riddles. If you’re brave enough, though, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a Scorpio is something seductive. Think lingerie first, but other adult-friendly gifts won’t be underappreciated, either.


Sags love to travel. Take a weekend away- even if you are only visiting a neighboring town. Get out and see something new and make an adventure of it. If traveling isn’t an option, send your Sag on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt in search of small, thoughtful, but practical gifts. They will love the experience more than the items.


Capricorns appreciate warm comfort and hard work. Complete that task they have been putting off at home. Alternatively, you might prepare them a kettle of soup and a cozy night in. Capricorns are prone to feeling unappreciated, so the loving thoughtfulness will go a long way. Whatever you do, though, don’t go big on any surprises. Don’t propose to a Capricorn on Valentine’s Day or fly in friends or family from far away. Keep your gift to this star sign simple.


Aquarius love anything outside of the ordinary. Buy your Valentine the gift of a day of sightseeing at local art galas or shopping from unique market spots. They appreciate anything different and new- so don’t overlook any high tech gadgets that just hit stores, either. If nothing else, online auctions are a treasure trove of Aquarius-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts. Buy them a prop from their favorite film or a funky, antique piece of furniture.


Pisces battle feelings of emotional insecurity. Ruled by water, they often feel adrift and unbalanced. Spending a day reminding your Pisces how much they are loved and appreciated will make a better Valentine’s Day gift than gold or chocolate. Eat at their favorite restaurant, rent their favorite movie, and run them a bubble bath- but remember their favorites on your own. Research ahead, if you must, but the ticket to making this gift work is not having to ask them what they want.


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