Are There Really Parallel Universes?

Before I get too deep, I’m going to give you the definition of a parallel universe:

“A hypothetical, self-contained separate reality coexisting with one’s own. A group of parallel universes is known as a multi-verse”.

Note the word “hypothetical”, if you look at the definition of a parallel universe being that of a world or worlds existing alongside ours as you may have seen in films or explained by others then you are in the realms of fiction according to a dictionary or encyclopaedia. However many do believe in these universes.

What Signs Point to their Existence?

So now comes the question of how, why, what explanation can there be that leads people to believe that there can be a world other than our own. This doesn’t mean another planet with life in our galaxy but another world that is running alongside ours. Many use the following as explanations.

  • Déjà vu and Alter Vu. Déjà vu is a strong sensation that you have experienced something before, that a situation is currently repeating itself. However Alter Vu is when a conflicting memory occurs, you may know the name of a school or shop to be one thing but it seems that it’s now called something else. Something in another universe caused a shift or change and the person is said to be experiences both memories.
  • Dreams. Whilst it’s scientific reasoning is understood and how many dreams can be explained either logically or spiritually, no one has ever said why we dream. What function or purpose do they serve? Many believe they can be windows into another universe.
  • Unexplained stories. A lady called Lerina Garcia woke up one day in a world that didn’t seem to belong to her in some ways. She noticed small changes but things that didn’t bother her too much until she got to work when she realised that although she worked there, she now worked in another department and reported to a supervisor she didn’t even know.
    Also in the 50’s a man entered Japan with a passport saying he was from Taured, this country does not exist yet his passport had official stamps and visas in it. He also had documents from Taured that appeared to be genuine. The man was detained overnight but had vanished by the next morning.
  • Ghosts. Many people believe ghosts to be images of those who have either passed over or who may be in limbo. However some think that they may be images of people happily alive and well, just in another universe and it has shown through to us!

So What Does it Mean for Us?

You may be wondering if all this is real, then why does it matter? What changes? There are many positives for those who believe in a parallel world/s. For example:

No Regrets – No more wondering if you’d chosen a different career, married a different person or had a different number of kids. Chances are the alternate versions of you have already done all that anyway!

Decisions are easier – Each version of you will experience all different outcomes in parallel worlds so it doesn’t matter which pathway you take as long as you are happy with it.

Living in the here and now – No more living in the past wondering what may have been, you’ve probably already achieved it in another world already.

So as you can see, if you don’t believe then that’s fine and if you do then it may bring some extra peace and comfort to you!

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