Bark to the future! Clairvoyant grandmother uses psychic poodles to predict health, money and relationship problems

There has long been a debate as to whether Pets are Psychic, or they have natural heightened senses. So many pet owners acknowledge a “knowing” when they are going through a difficult time, such as illness, unhappiness or worry. Our pets will do so much to uplift us, and depending on their personalities amuse or comfort us with their unconditional love. This is more than cupboard love and can extend to amazing levels. My cats always sense when we are going on holiday, and they actually sulk with us just before departure and a few hours after our return! They are always there to greet us on our return no matter of the time of day or night.
In my work as a Medium, I have had so many experiences that would agree that Pets are extremely psychic. Many times when I am called to a house to deal with spiritual activity, or energy problems the dogs or cats can pick up on rooms or areas in the house that I pick up activity in. So many times when I speak to bereaved families they tell me of the dog whining or barking inconsolably at the time of their owners passing to spirit. Many loyal pets go off their food and seem to be pining for their owners. One of the home circles I teach spiritual development to has three large dogs there. I thought this is going to be interesting as they were all running around, jumping up and barking. However, as soon as I started my opening meditation all three dogs settled down in the middle and joined in the meditation with us! Interesting enough one of the dogs a laborador cross was extremely psychic and barked profusely when a male spirit came through even looking at exactly where they were. This helping my students confirm what they were picking up, the dog was always correct, my students were nearly always! Frequently in demonstrations of Clairvoyance Pets will come through and the delight of their owners to know that they are fine and with loved ones is immense. My cat adores the energy in my spiritual room and loves to lie where my crystals are and it’s her favourite place to sleep.
For many years it was dotty older ladies like myself who were indulged in the belief that pets are psychic, so what I find really exciting is that now there are some respected academics and scientists that have undertaken research on this subject. Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Cambridge Biochemist, Biologist and much published author, has done so much work on this subject. His book entitled “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals: An Investigation.” Sheldrake has conducted experiments on something many pet owners have observed. Having proven this scientifically, he goes on to offer a scientific explanation. He would argue that living things have morphogenic fields – invisible vibrations that surround and give shape to life forms and effects their behaviour. This interconnection of life energy and thought crosses barrier of species. This would mean that animals would pick up on our thought or intention and react to that accordingly. For more on this see:

On a slightly more tounge in cheek note, I was really amused to read about quirky Medium: Linda Lancashire who not only believes her two poodles are psychic, but they specifically help her with her readings. They will indicate if her client has come for a love reading, or if it is a work or finance issue! So the poodles pick up on the issue and then Linda conducts the reading and gives guidance. This is interesting as by the way Linda writes she trusts the poodles for giving her direction and then she uses her psychic skills then to tune in and give guidance. Many Psychics use tools to tune in but this is very different, she gets her poodles to give her direction. This article is fun and lively and the poodles do look very intelligent and the energy in the photos of them speak volumes and the relationship between them and Linda. Have a read and keep an open mind, it’s very different to the Rupert Sheldrake article above but it’s fun and along the same theme.

What do you think? I would love to hear of any psychic experiences with your pets or other animals? Please leave your comments as I would love to hear your input.

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