Different Beliefs about Christmas

Not everyone has the same ideas when it comes to Christmas, there are many different beliefs and superstitions!

Welcoming Christmas 

Some believe that opening the doors of the house at midnight, Christmas Eve is supposed to be good as it lets out the evil spirits. ‘First Foots’ are those that enter the house first, a darker haired man entering the house first on Christmas Day is a good sign, and if the first guest is a woman it is said to bring in bad fortune!

A first foot bringing in an evergreen or wreath is considered a blessing. The first person to open the door on the morning of Christmas should shout and welcome ‘Father Christmas’. Some people also believe that sweeping your threshold on Christmas sweeps away all the troubles.

Christmas Carols and Songs

It is considered unlucky to sing Christmas carols at any occasion other than Christmas even though we often do this. It is also considered unlucky to send carollers away empty-handed, lucky them! Drinking along with the songs and lighting fires were also believed to be lucky and bring in prosperity but many believed this was just to create the idea of having a good time!

Christmas Food

Some people think that if you make a wish while stirring a Christmas pudding, it will come true. If everyone in the family takes turns while stirring, it will bring good fortune to the family. In older times it was thought that young girls, who are hoping to get married soon should also give a stir when the Christmas pudding is being cooked.

It is also considered unlucky to cut into a Christmas cake before Christmas Eve and some portion of the cake should be kept till Christmas Day. Mince pies are said to bring in good luck and the number of pies eaten at different households during Christmas equals the number of lucky months in the coming year.

Yule Log, Christmas Candle – Light and Fire

Ever wondered what a Yule Log is? Well, according to some, the Yule Log must be kept burning all night, and it should be lit by the log used the previous year to keep evil spirits at bay. The log should not be bought but sought naturally. Even the remains of the log are considered lucky and are a protection against fire and lightning. Christmas candles are to be left undisturbed and burning till Christmas morning. And, if there is difficulty in lighting the fire on Christmas Day, it is an indication of a bad year ahead.


Shoes, Presents and Work

Gifting new shoes and wearing new shoes on Christmas brings good fortune, though the English believe in gifting new shoes on Christmas. In Greece it is believed that burning old shoes prevents misfortune the next year.

Hanging stockings near the chimney is said to be good as it brings in luck and children believe that Santa Claus will fill them with loads of goodies. Work should be avoided on this day, only the unavoidable tasks should be completed on Christmas day.

Personal Beliefs

It doesn’t matter really if Christmas means something different to you than it does to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours. It’s how you want to celebrate it in your heart that matters. If it’s a religious belief, that it’s just for the kids or solely about token gift giving then that’s all fine.

As long as people remember to be good and kind then surely that’s all that matters, it’s a time for people to connect and I think also a great time for people to let go of grudges and past problems, to come together and look over the past year. Maybe someone will come back into your life, maybe someone will forgive you or you forgive them. If you’re going to do it then this is an excellent time of year to let bygones be bygones.

To gain some insight into what lies ahead for you this Christmas please do contact one of our readers as their guides are very active at this time of year and will be able to help you greatly.

Merry Christmas from all at Sundial Psychics!

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