Do Animals Have Spiritual Experiences?

For many of us who have or have had animals we may at times have seen them act in unusual ways. Ever seen your cat or dog stare at the ceiling or other object and just stop as if contemplating something or listening to something? Many people, especially spiritual ones believe that animals do indeed experience spiritual things. This may be from seeing someone who has passed over to going through a near death experience.


Recently it has been agreed by scientists and neurologists that it’s actually very likely that animals do indeed have spiritual experiences. This may surprise you seeing as most of science will play down spirituality but it doesn’t just cover the paranormal or unexplained.

There are moments called mystical experiences which even a scientist cannot deny. These are situations based on wonder and amazement such as seeing a breath-taking sunset or seeing a child born, they affect the brain and we share those areas of the brain with many animals so there’s no reason why they don’t experience this themselves.

It’s been reported that chimpanzees have been found dancing into a complete frenzy or even trance like state at newly created waterfalls caused by heavy downpours. This can be linked to religious or spiritual people entering trance based on what they’re experiencing, surely it’s the same thing?

What About Pets?

So we’ve looked at primates but what about evidence for our usual pets – the cats, dogs and horses etc? Well a prominent neurologist explains that they also share these structures in the brain and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have the same or at least very similar experiences.

Scientists will explain that there’s medical reasons for what people experience in near death experiences such as outer body or travelling through a tunnel. Whilst this may explain some things it doesn’t mean that the person experiencing it doesn’t feel a certain way or see more that cannot be explained. These physiological changes can also happen to animals during a NDE but what they make of it is of course, unknown to us!

Paranormal Pets

Some people believe that animals follow the same pathways as humans, so if you believe in reincarnation then your cat may have been all manner of other animals in the past, including a human! Maybe this is why we give our pets certain kinds of attention whilst others may prefer time on their own.

People talk about their pets having personalities so why wouldn’t they be spiritual individuals? Some mention that they have been visited from pets in the past or are sure their pet is connected with a loved one who they may be missed who has passed over.

Either way I believe that all animals are very special, not just the human ones and that they experience more than we sometimes give them credit for! What about you? Have you ever experienced your pet or an animal behaving in an unusual way? We’d love to hear from you!

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