Do Soulmates Exist?

Whether you believe in a soulmate or not doesn’t mean you’re not affected by the idea of one. Many people out there think that there’s a single person out there for them, just 1 person who can make their world and life complete and perfect. They’re known as Mr or Mrs Right and will bring everything they want to them. But does such a person really exist?

According to Greek mythology the mighty Plato even said that humans were originally created with 2 faces, 4 arms and 4 legs. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into 2 beings and they spent their life trying to reconnect. Even in a recent survey on love and relationships nearly 90% of people believed that when they married they first and foremost wanted their partner to be their soulmate.

What is a Soulmate?

Many people think that their soulmate is someone they have been connected with on a deep level in a past life. These people are referring to reincarnation which is when a person is created they are not just created once and their life finished when they pass. They are instead created with a set number of lifetimes within them and when they pass their life starts in someone new but with some of the life lessons and relationships still lingering in their mind.

Going back to our friend Plato many think that they are created in pairs or as one and then split, destined to find one another as they move into their life force. People see a soulmate as someone very special, a person they will have a lot of trust and faith in from a very early stage in a relationship. There will be a strong spiritual connection over and above a standard one.

Meeting or Becoming Soulmates?

The guidance I give to many of my clients is not that there is only one person out there for them, that there is a Mr Right and if you don’t meet him then you’ll never be happy. This is because there isn’t just one soulmate out there for you. There are many, in fact you could say that there could be hundreds! Why you ask? Well the answer is simple, you don’t just meet a soulmate, you can become a soulmate.

Think of someone who has been with their soulmate for a long time that person passes early on in life, that doesn’t mean that the person left on the Earth plain is destined to a life alone. It merely means that they have a chance at meeting another soulmate should they wish to. Real soulmates for forged by time, time tells a lot within a relationship.

You may fall madly in love with someone, marry them a few years later and be insanely happy and in love. However, how will you feel after 20 years? How will you feel if a big challenge faces you both after the honeymoon? If you are strong and learn from one another, face challenges as a team and still feel that powerful love decades later then you have found a soulmate in that person and have become one yourself just as they became yours.

How Do I know We Are Soulmates?

You have to take the above into account but also know that even after all that time you are still a bonded unit. You work with one another, not against one another. You face challenges as a team but in a balanced and even way. If you feel that you are taking on a lot of work yourself in a relationship then you don’t have a true and strong bond.

Yes you will have skills and weaknesses that differ but when they are put together you as a couple will be able to conquer pretty much anything that is thrown at you in life, not just once but repeatedly. You will always be open and honest and willing to make changes as and when needed, you will be in equal agreement about the future and most importantly you will learn from one another and take that knowledge to make you even stronger and make the perfect soulmate connection.

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