Free Your Mind, Avoid Drama Queens, Find Peace

What we believe and what we think is what we become. By exposing ourselves to mass media and popular culture we shape our lives and emotions into ways that we start to lose control of. I have noticed that going on certain sites or forums where there is an air of negativity or group dislike then I tend to start to have negative thoughts.

The same goes for news and media, most of what is fed to us is usually lies or scaremongering, half-truths set up to sensationalise what would otherwise be a simple story. The same is true of toxic relationships. Whilst I don’t tend to often advise people who they should and shouldn’t see I do advise that they steer clear of those who consistently come across as negative, prejudicial, racist and so on. But people also need to be wary of those who act the opposite, the holier-than-thou friend who thinks they are above everyone else is also to be given a wide berth!

Drama Queens

We’ve all heard the phrase but who are we referring to when we use it? Very often people who over-exaggerate are called drama queens but the real ones can be much much worse. They act more like emotional vampires, bringing unnecessary drama into your life when there doesn’t need to be any there in the first place.

If you live with one you may find that just leaving a cup on the side or not wiping a mark from the cooker results in absolute chaos. You may be treated in a way that suggests what you have done is an abomination when in reality it’s something and nothing.

Make sure to protect yourself

Sometimes it’s all well and good for me to tell you to avoid these people but when they’re in your lives it’s not always that simple. Maybe you live with them or they work with you, avoiding them totally in that case wouldn’t even be an option. So what can you do to avoid these negative people?

  • Keep your distance – if you don’t live or work with the person then keep interaction to a bare minimum or avoid it totally!
  • Set Limits – Explain from an early stage what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour from them and stick to it!
  • Point out the drama – Seeing as you’ve already set limits then let them know when they have gone past them.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no – stand up to them, they can be bullies at times, you’re not a doormat so don’t let them treat you like one.

Knowing When Enough is Enough

Of course these steps are for those who are irritating at most, even rude. But if you find someone you live with is being overly dramatic and unreasonable then you may have to take a step back and ask yourself if this is what you want from life. See if a compromise can be reached but if it isn’t then it may be time to move on to people who aren’t going to bring you down.

Protecting yourself is very important especially if you are empathic and very caring as negative people can pick up on this and often take you for a ride. By avoiding people and situations that hold this kind of energy then you’ll bring peace into your life. And by bringing more peace you’ll eventually bring the right people into your life as well.

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