How cheating can affect you

Over the past ten years or so I’ve had many people come to me for readings on love and often times they will ask if their partner is being faithful or that they are either seeking love outside of their marriage or are already having an affair.

As a psychic reader it’s not my place to judge people but it is very disheartening to know that over 70% of husbands and around 65% of wives say that they would cheat if they knew for a fact they wouldn’t be caught out.

Why do people cheat?

There can be several reasons for this, for women it is mainly because they are unhappy in their current situation and are looking for a means of escape. However with men it is more often the case that although they are not seeking to leave their current relationship they feel the need for some extra fun or excitement and look for it elsewhere.

The reasons in both cases are never clear cut and I never judge anyone on their reasons for this. Very often people worry that if they leave their current poor relationship then being alone could be even worse and try to find someone else.

I also get many people who are seeing those who are married, very often they are told by their lover that they are unhappy and looking to end their marriage. Sadly this rarely transpires for many reasons. I tend to see women in this situation more often than men and it saddens me for all parties involved, especially if the cheating spouse is found out.

Signs that your partner may be cheating

There are a few signs to look out for if you suspect cheating:

  • A sudden change in intimacy – this can be either way!
  • Change in their appearance and grooming – do they dress up more?
  • A change in their bathing/showering – do they dash to the bathroom upon their return home?
  • Changes in work hours, sudden overtime or longer hours
  • Suspicious internet use, clearing history constantly, suddenly shutting it down if you enter the room
  • Secretive phone habits, do they have a PIN lock on their phone, never leave it lying around?

So if you sense that your partner may be cheating then you are left with the problem of how to deal with it! Do you turn investigative? Confront them? Wait for evidence? It’s very hard especially if you’re not sure what may be happening and why but often the signs will be clear and some open and honest discussion can be the way forwards, even if it is a misunderstanding!

What should I do?

I get asked this a lot by people who are either cheating, seeing a married person or are being cheated on and the sad thing is I cannot tell you what to do, you have to decide. If you are ok being in an open relationship then continue on, if not then you need to see if your partner will change or move on to someone who can commit to you!

Remember though that when people cheat or are in a cheating relationship the only person you are always cheating is yourself. In the case of cheating on your partner you are missing out on the right person for you so it may be best to leave or work on who you are with. If you are seeing someone who is married then they are cheating you out of a proper relationship. If someone is cheating on you then you are cheating yourself out of a respectful and decent loving relationship. These are all things to bear in mind in order to find the right person in your love life.

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