How to connect with your spirit guides

Like our muscles or learning a new skill our ability to use intuition and connect with our guides requires effort and practice. It is not for the chosen few, most people can connect with their guides or at least one of them. This can open up many different pathways for people and help them to call on their guides when the need them the most.

Don’t find time, make time!

Many people say they do not have time to meditate or contact their guides, their lives are too busy, there’s too much to do. However most people will have at least 30 minutes in a week where they can devote their time to this very special connection. Or even if that’s not possible then try and meditate in the shower or bath, when brushing your teeth or waiting for a train!

The most important thing is to try, to intend to do this, once your guides know that you are making the effort they will be more likely to come to you. Small steps can lead you on to larger and more exciting times, you could even journey with your guides and angels and ask them questions.

How to connect

To start it’s best to close your eyes, breathe deeply right down to your belly, slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth. On the exhale imagine all your stresses, worries, fears and any other negative emotion leaving your body and floating away. Keep doing this until you feel fully relaxed.

Once you are feeling very peaceful ask your guide to come into your energy field, you can do this in your head or out loud. Tell them you wish to connect with them and enjoy their energy and presence. You may want to visualise a place that you find calming, a park, a beach, a green grassy field and ask your guide to come sit with you, imagine the sun gently warming you both.

At this point it’s good to focus on how you are feeling your guides presence, can you feel their energy, does your mind’s eye open and see an image of them, can you hear the words they are saying to you or can you just sense that they are there. These are the different ways in which you can connect with them and work on the one that is strongest for you.

Don’t give up!

Never worry if you do not get any reaction or connection at first, sometimes it can take a few tries in order to bring your guide to you. You may want to ask your guide if they can increase their energy for you so they enter your field more easily. You can also ask them to guide you towards any steps you can take in your life to increase your awareness, this could be by getting more exercise, connecting with nature, eating more fresh foods.

By practicing this connection you can get closer to your guides and they will be able to assist you in life with much more ease. It’s a case of repeating the steps above, working out which sense works the best for you and being able to trust your own intuition. Never brush anything off as a co-incidence or mishearing, this is your guide coming to you.

Guides are sometimes people we have known who have passed, or they can be someone from a past life or totally unconnected to you. They can also try to connect with you in your dreams so make sure to take note of them as well and any advice given to you can also be connected with. If you find it hard to connect you can always ask one of our gifted readers to see who your guides are.

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