How to Follow Your Intuition

What Is Intuition?

People tend to have different explanations and reasons as to what intuition actually is and why it happens. Many say that it’s based on hunches, quick guesses and works when being very open to ideas and possibilities. Others will say it’s a sixth sense or special kind of insight gifted to you in life. All tend to agree that it’s not based on a conscious or logical thought process.

Examples of intuition are things like:

  • Knowing a house isn’t for you when viewing to rent/buy the moment you walk in
  • Meeting someone and instantly knowing you have a lot in common and will get on well
  • Feeling uneasy about someone, knowing that they will let you down or hurt you

How to Use Intuition to Your Advantage

So now that you know what intuition is, how can you benefit from it? It’s best to trust yourself, when you get that gut feeling or sense that something is better done differently, or that you need to share information with someone or walk home a different way then listen to yourself! You are your own best judge and this sixth sense is there to protect you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to follow just any reckless thought that may come into your head but it is always best to ask yourself why did you just think something or why are you getting that feeling from someone. There will be clues that tie it all in together and the rest will fall into place as long as you listen to yourself.

Gain More Insight

Some people will say that they rarely hear this intuition, that they don’t have that voice in the back of their head advising them on what to do next, some also say they’d like to have it more often. Meditation is a wonderful way of opening your subconscious mind and thereafter creating more opportunity for it to communicate with you via intuition.

Whilst meditating you can use a mantra or affirmation or even visualise an item, person or situation that you can bring to mind in everyday life to take you into a brief meditative state on the go. This can then lead to your intuition kicking in and you getting some valuable insight and information on the moment at hand.

Dreams and the Messages They Send

It is also said that messages sent in dreams come from the subconscious mind and as such they can also be from intuition trying to tell you something. This is often less clear as dreams can sometimes be scrambled by the sleepy mind and not make much sense to us!

Many of our readers can explain your dreams to you and explain their hidden meanings, the more you understand them, the more you can act on what they mean for you and how they can help you in your waking moments. Remember, there’s always a message out there for you and very often it’s already in your own mind!

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