How to Gain Spiritual Balance

Many people ask me how to stop from feeling like they are drifting away from their beliefs. This doesn’t just have to mean religious ones and to be honest, it’s often not the religious ones that people have trouble with, but it is spiritual feelings that can make you feel frustrated or like your progress is being hampered.

First of all it’s best to work out what’s really bothering you, look at day to day life. Have things become more stressful, is your job getting harder, are people around you being more demanding? If you can identify a problem then you are half way there to getting it sorted. But what about when nothing in-particular is going on, what if everything is fine? This is when it’s likely to be your spiritual balance has shifted.

The feelings people have are often linked to phrases such as:

  • “I’ve lost my way”
  • “I feel like I’m looking through fog”
  • “No one understands/listens to me”
  • “I feel like life is passing me by”

It can also be accompanied with a general feeling of being unwell, like having cold symptoms or feeling agitated and maybe not sleeping as well as you normally do. The good thing is that all these things are perfectly normal. These kinds of feelings may well be coming to a peak at the moment as the planets are aligned in a way that creates a lot of unusual and erratic energy.

NASA this week is hoping to get some amazing photos of Pluto, the once forgotten planet is now coming back in favour. Isn’t that sometimes familiar of life? You may feel insignificant until someone really wants you for something, then you come back into favour. Make sure then not to let people take advantage of you. As for the feelings of being unbalanced, August will see a lot of this settle down.

In the meantime and if you ever feel unsettled you can try some of these tips:

Meditate: I can already hear the chorus of “I don’t have time!” You DO have time, meditation can simply be a 3 minute contemplation in the shower, if you do that 5 times a week and then two 20 minute sessions at the weekend you will have amassed a blissful hour of meditation a week! When you meditate be aware of yourself, how you connect with the planet, other people and your surroundings, know how to plan and make changes if you need to.

Remember That We Live in Extraordinary Times: Modern day life is very fast paced, think of technology just five or ten years ago. It’s vastly different to how it is now, think even further back and you’ll be surprised how much has really changed. Along with this quick way of life we can lose track of friendships and love we have for one another. Contact an old friend, speak to a family member who may be alone, turn your phone off at unimportant times. See how it makes you feel! Much calmer I suspect!

Trust the Universe: This may sounds a bit odd but know that although there are times that things feel off centre, it’s often for a reason and it’s not always going to stay that way. You know there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and decisions you can make once you go through it.

Stay Centred: Think back to the meditation, how it made you feel calm, how you felt in control. If you’re having a day where everything is getting on top of you then know you have that calm and strong place you can go to whenever you want!

If you still feel that you’ve lost your way then our phone, online and SMS readers are just a short call of message away to help you.

Love and Light!

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