How to Gain True Happiness in Life

The term “happiness” is used very often especially in spiritual circles but its general meaning can be lost on us. Sometimes we feel like it’s out of our reach and unobtainable. However, this article aims to guide you onto a pathway where you can get that happiness back into your life and make it meaningful to you.

What makes you happy may make someone else miserable, what spurs you on may deter someone else from making a step in a new direction. Although we are all wonderful human beings, we are also individuals and this guide will assist you in finding what works for you, some may not apply but you’ll find that many do.

Don’t Burn Bridges or Bear Grudges

This is something I suggest to a lot of people, holding grudges is like letting someone live rent free in your head. So someone wronged you, they did something horrible, well move on and know that that is someone you need to avoid in the future for your own benefit, thinking about them won’t help anything.

On the other hand don’t lose relationships with people just because you don’t think you may not see or speak to them again! For example, if you decide to leave your job then don’t give your boss an earful on the way out! You may connect with them later in life and wish you’d kept a good and meaningful connection with them!

Do What You Love/Like

Work out what you like to do, not what makes the most money or what you think other people would like you to do. So many people don’t realise until they are past middle age that they spent a lot of their life either working too hard or pleasing other when what they should have been doing was pleasing themselves!

Of course we have to work and earn money but remember the often said phrase “money can’t buy you happiness”. Many scoff at that saying but look at how many lottery winners agree with it, they have euphoria for a year or so but then realise money can’t “fix” them. They still need happiness in their life and this can be achieved by doing what makes you happy.

Use Your Eyes to Their Full Potential

This is something that may seem silly to some but a great confidence boost to others! Try your best to make eye contact with people when they are taking to you, keep them locked on, it lets them know you are interested and that you are fully engaged with them.

Grasp how to make a piercing stare, you will need to look in the mirror to practise this one. Try and reach right into the soul, you’ll know you’ve mastered it when you feel a little intimidated. You can then use this skill on others to gain control of situations!

Wear a Rubber Band

No this isn’t the latest fashion craze, but a very effective way of ridding yourself of negative thoughts or processes. Get a simple rubber band (make sure you’re not allergic) and put it on your wrist at the start of the day. Anytime you have a negative thought – especially one against yourself – then snap the band against your skin.

This may sound cruel but you only have to do it slightly and you’ll feel a slight sting. If you keep this going for a long while then you will start to modify your thoughts and find that you have less and less in the way of negativity in your life. The less you think negative, the less you become negative and the less negativity you will encounter!

Be Curious!

Become and explorer, not just of yourself and others but your environment. Walk past the car and wander, so many of us live near beautiful outdoor spaces but neglect them. Even if you don’t then just walk around your neighbourhood, how long has it been since you did this?

Also try new things, never been to that local restaurant or bar, then arrange to go. Never done a Zumba class? Then try it! If you hate it then at least you’ll know and your curiosity will have been satisfied. By experiencing these new environments you’ll open your mind up much more.

This list is just a beginning and I’m sure that there’s more you can think of, feel free to share them with our readers and our community on Facebook and Twitter! Love and light.

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