Is Your Sprirt Guide Around You?

Our journey here on Earth doesn’t have to be lonely or confusing. We are blessed with plenty of spirit guides to help us along the way. The term spirit guide encompasses many things. A spirit guide can be a relative who has passed over, an ancestor, or even someone assigned to you by the Universe to watch over you. Some people also consider angels and animals to be spirit guides as well. No matter what type of being you work with, there are probably some signs you’ve experienced that you can relate to.

Feeling a Presence in the Room

If you feel like someone is in the room with you when you are on your own, that is a likely sign of a spirit guide’s presence. You may feel a sense of anticipation, excitement or just a state of calm and peace. No matter what, overall you usually feel safe and protected.

Feeling a Change in Temperature

Ever felt like the room has got suddenly warmer or colder or walked through what feels like a warm or cold spot in a room? That’s another indication of a spirit guide’s arrival. Etheric beings are pure energy and they often affect the energy within a room or space, resulting in a temperature change.

Sensing a Change in Energy

While you may not always sense a big change in temperature, you might still perceive some sort of energetic shift around you. Don’t doubt this feeling, it is also an indication of your spirit guide’s presence. It can sometimes feel like you know something is going to happen or there’s a sudden buzz of positivity around you! This is your guide uplifting you.

Unexplained Odours

If you smell any odour that has no physical source, this is a pretty clear sign of a spirit guide. The odour itself is often a signature scent. If you recognize your favourite aunt’s perfume or your grandfather’s cigar, it means they are right there with you. I did a reading recently to connect with a clients father and could smell coffee, she knew right away it was him!

Tingling on the Top of Your Head

Spirit guides like to get your attention by working with your crown chakra. So you may get a physical sensation because of this, manifesting as either tingling or even itching at the top of your head. The Crown Chakra is often what us mediums and psychics use when we want to open up to spirit and often when we meditate. It’s known as the centre of spiritual connection.

Sudden Emotional or Mental Flash

Do thoughts or emotions seemingly come out of the blue? It’s likely a message from your spirit guide. If the thoughts and emotions don’t sound like your own typical flashes, then it’s your guide just displaying his or her individual style. They may also show you certain places, it may be that they feel they can connect with you better when you are there. 

You Experience Little Coincidences

Perhaps you are thinking about a problem or concern you wish to share with your guide. Maybe you need more money and suddenly you find some cash in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in awhile. That’s a sign! Or maybe you hear a certain song on the radio or see something on TV. All these coincidences are evidence of your spirit guide giving you signs that they are with you.

Electronic or Mechanical Anomalies

Since spirit guides are composed of energy, they can influence the energy of physical objects. Electric and mechanical objects are the easiest for them to work with. If your DVD player acts weird, your digital clock flashes oddly, or your watch stops at a significant time those are signs from your spirit guide.

Your Pets Behave Differently

Animals are particularly keen when it comes to sensing energy and spirits. If your dog barks for no apparent reason or your cat appears to stare into space, it’s likely that they are having an energetic conversation with your spirit guide. Take a cue from them and try to connect! The same has even been said of babies and small children!

Items Left For You

Sometimes your guide will like to leave you a little symbol or message, this is often seen in the form of feathers, movement or reappearance of items that may be close to you or a loved one who has passed over. These all often bear significance of some kind.

Ever wondered if spirit was really around you, who it is and what they are trying to tell you? Our readers can find out the answers for you here.


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