Many Happy Returns Prince George!

This week marked the 1st birthday of the baby boy third in line for the throne – Prince George. It’s been said that he’s been getting thousands of gifts ever since he was born but parents Kate Middleton and Prince William say they don’t want him showered with gifts for this occasion and would prefer a quieter time all round.

This is understandable considering out of over 4000 gifts for the child he’s received three meerkats, two bulls and a goat amongst other animals! The family have opted for a quiet, low-key tea party at Kensington Palace this week to mark the occasion, also attending will be his Auntie Pippa and Uncle James.

When Was He Born?

The Prince was born on the 22nd July 2013 his full name and title being George Alexander Louis, Prince George of Cambridge. He was born at 4.24pm and weighed 8lb 6oz and reportedly there were no complications with the delivery.

If he does reign on the throne he will be known as King George VII, it’s not known the significance of Alexander but his other middle name Louis is said to be in honour of Louis Mountbatten, Uncle to Prince Phillip who was killed by the IRA in the 70’s.

Where Has He Been?

Back in the 80’s Princess Diana broke royal protocol and took her nine month old son (Prince William) on a royal tour with her. Many were surprised but the places she visited relished seeing the little prince and it seems William has followed in his mother’s footsteps.

This year the little prince has travelled to the other side of the world with his parents and made residents of Australia and New Zealand delighted. It’s said that people were more interested in meeting George than in meeting his parents and of course, even more gifts ensued.

What About His Parents?

Amazingly Prince William was born on 21st June 1982 which was on the summer solstice and a solar eclipse. This is an amazing time to be born and astrologers say that it shows very strongly in his charts that he’s to be a ruler and is of true royal blood. They also say that just like his mother’s life his will have within it some dramatic changes.

Also like his mother his birth chart shows someone who is determined but also kind and compassionate. They may have the desire to rule but not to overpower and control, that he is someone who is very loving but who can also be decisive when needed.

Kate Middleton was born on the 9th January 1982 and ALSO on a day of an eclipse, this time a lunar one. The chances of this are rare and many believe is shows the fated nature of her and Prince William to be with one another.

She was born on a full moon and as such her chart shows that she has 2 rather distinct sides to her. There’s the naturally maternal side who knows how to care for those who are in need. But there’s also the very determined and straightforward side to her that will get her what she wants, also whilst knowing her own limits.

And What of the Future?

Myself, along with many other psychics and non psychics alike believe that the marriage between Kate and Prince William is one based on love. This was not forced nor forged on the basis of parental or grandparental desire or will. This is a genuine match and there is a genuine loving connection between them that will last a long time.

Many people believe that Kate will have a girl next and whilst I can’t read strongly on this, they will have another child and regardless of gender they will do ever so well in bringing up their children together and they have harmonious lives ahead of them with very loving parents.

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