Royal baby arrival at the Full Moon!

The little Prince of Cambridge is here!! 

After much waiting and speculation Kate Middleton has finally had her baby. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to little a little baby boy on 22/07/13 at 16.24.  It was believed that all went well and she and baby are resting nicely.

It is said that the Full Moon is a time of nurture, new life and energy given by the Goddess moon and this has certainly been the case for Kate and William being given their new life in the form of their baby who is now third in line for the throne.

Special Star Sign for the Prince

Being born on this day the baby is a Cancerian which is really special considering the Water Trine planet alignment we have experienced recently. This means a wonderful future for baby as the planets really were in their favour when he was born! Star signs and astrology is something that can tell you a lot about what lies ahead for you in your life, chat to one of our accurate Astrologers to find out more.

Cancerians are emotionally intelligent, they are creative and thoughtful and also a helper of others. This means that the little Prince may well grow to be like Princess Diana and do as much as possible to help those in poorer situations than ourselves.

Birth, new starts and new beginnings

Just as this is a new beginning for the Duchess and the Prince why not make a new start for yourself? If you’re not sure what’s around the corner then remember there is always someone who can guide you and help you to focus and realise what life goals are right for you.

Take out the old and bring in the new and you’ll see a lot more positivity come into your life. Celebrations can happen not just for the royals but for you as well, aim high, reach strongly and you can gain what you desire in your life with ease.

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