Take a Chance On Me?

“If you change your mind, I’m the first in line. Honey I’m still free, take a chance on me!”

Ah those infamous ABBA lyrics, catchy tune and all about convincing a potential lover to consider the singers affections. But is it wise to take chances in life? Just recently the Fool and Hanged Man cards seem to have cropped up a lot for me in reading for clients. I also find them cards that are very useful for anyone in most situations.

The Fool and Hanged Man

The Fool card is the only card not to be specifically numbered in the deck, it’s known as the Zero the number of unlimited potential and this relates to the meaning of the card often as well. On most picture tarot cards the Fool is seen to be walking off a cliff with his bags packed and the white rose of innocence in his hand. This card shows a need to set off on a new pathway for many.

The Hanged Man also shows a man, this time suspended, made to look at life from a different perspective. To move forwards this man must let go, make sacrifices and remove restrictions. For many of us that means taking chances, just as the Fool doesn’t know what’s off that cliff, he’s going to head off anyway with a clear mind and an open heart.

Why Take Chances or Risks?

Risks and chances don’t have to be large or dangerous, I would never suggest someone put themselves in bad situations or risk their money or friendships. However some people are too scared to take chances, they may have been let down in the past or made the same mistake too many times. This leads to them giving up and living a restrictive life. But in doing so, they often miss out on wonderful new opportunities the universe has waiting for them.

Trust is another issue that goes hand in hand with taking chances, as in the song above, the person being sung to may have just had their heart broken. It may have been the fifth person in a row to have done this to them. So then how could they take the same chance when it could happen again? The following may be of great use to those who have trouble trusting:

How to Take Risks and Trust Others

  • Remember that there are benefits from entrusting others, if you don’t let people get close to you then you may miss out on special bonds and friendships.
  • Vary your levels of trust – for example you may have a close friend who you’d tell about your love life but you’d keep that quiet the girl you sit next to at work, who you’d rather chat about the boss with. Doing this can be a lot less risky.
  • Trust yourself that you can and will cope if someone does let you down. Take it in your stride and remember that not everyone can be as compassionate as yourself and that you may in the long run have taught them something.
  • Take your time – remember that you need not pour your heart out to someone right away even if you think you’re getting on like a house on fire! Give bits of information or feelings to someone slowly and see how they react and re-evaluate accordingly.
  • Finally, make sure that you protect yourself. If you don’t feel ready to trust someone then hold back and give it time. Very often when we split with someone we think we can never trust again but time is a wonderful healer. In those moments it’s best for you to be with people can do trust and then reach out to new people when you feel ready.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not now is a good time for you to take some chances and trust new people then you can connect with one of our readers who can guide you to the right answer for you.

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