The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says you can manifest (meaning bring to life or into your life) anything you give enough concentration to. By giving your attention to a thought, you activate that thought’s vibration, and the Law of Attraction will cause more vibrations like it to be drawn to it.

Once enough energy is gathered, the vibration becomes physical. But what does that look like in the practical sense? If I think about world peace with laser like focus, will I just wake up one morning and find all wars have ended? Nope! That’s not usually how it works. Manifestations don’t just tend to drop out of the sky.

But how does it work?

Many people ask me the above, I tell them that the Universe brings us our manifestations through the path of least resistance. That doesn’t mean what is easiest for the Universe (there are no limits there, the possibilities are infinite). It’s what’s easiest for you to allow. This is why negative beliefs have the ability to block your manifestations, they vibrate at an often opposite frequency to what you desire and shut down pathways that could lead you to the things you want.

In order to manifest something, we have to give it enough focus to bring it into the physical AND we have to make sure  there are no opposite beliefs preventing it. So, if you want a true love to come into your life, not only do you have to spend some time thinking wonderful, positive thoughts about the potential love, but you also have to ensure that you don’t harbour any beliefs such as “I’m always going to be single”, “There’s no one out there for me” or “It’s impossible for me to be loved”, etc.

Always be positive!

So, let’s say you have no contradictory beliefs to having the true love. You think love is great, it’s absolutely possible for you to receive true love from someone in some way, and it doesn’t even really feel like a big deal to you. How will the Universe deliver this desire? We’ve already concluded that it’s not just going to come from nowhere.

The Universe delivers in the form of insights, clues and coincidences. It brings you together with just the right people at just the right time. It may create a chance moment where you bump into an old friend who is with a colleague they introduce you to, that may lead on to drinks after work, your friend may have to go early leaving you and the dashing colleague alone to get to know one another.

Make it work for you

Or you may have a really strong urge to join a specific dating site and someone jumps out at you as interesting, you get chatting and start to bond before you know it. Notice how this entire process depends on you listening to your intuition? On the site you felt very drawn to a profile. By following that impulse, you changed the entire course of your life. But what happens if you don’t listen, if you freeze up and let fear keep you from having this conversation? Nothing. The other person never hears from you, and you’ve missed a chance at true love, except you’re not aware of it.

The way of getting the things in life you want depends on your ability to pay attention to the signs the Universe is giving you. It’s not so much about thinking your way through life, as feeling your way through it. If something feels right, pay attention. This is something you’ll probably want to do, even if you can’t logically justify your actions. If something feels wrong, be careful.

The more you pay attention to how you feel about things, the more you practice listening to your intuition and noticing coincidences, the better you’ll get at this. After you notice a few times that following your intuition, even if it defied rational thinking a bit, led to the perfect outcome, you’ll become more confident in your ability to follow your hunches.

I’m not asking you to ignore your rational mind, but consider your feelings as equally valid in your decision making process. You might be amazed at where these unseen opportunities lead you! Of course not everyone hears their intuition very strongly and this is where Sundial Readers can assist you. If you’re unsure or your intuition isn’t’t clear then we can always help you and in turn you can make your desires a reality.

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