The Power of Colour

How does colour affect us?


Ever wondered why you feel calm and relaxed in a certain room, but restless and anxious in another? Why do you choose to wear certain clothing on a particular day? Why are you attracted to certain adverts or pictures and not to others? The answers to all of these questions relate to the colours involved and how these colours affect us on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Everywhere you look there is colour. Colour touches our lives every day in so many ways: the colours we choose for our clothes, colours in a room, the colour of the foods we eat, colours used in advertising and so on.

Colours have an influence on our emotions, our actions, our health and how we respond to people, things and ideas. The effects of colour on our moods, health, and way of thinking have been studied by scientists for years. Your preference for one colour over another is related to the way that colour makes you feel.

Why does colour affect us?

Each colour has a certain energy (or vibration or frequency). When the energy of a colour enters our bodies, it stimulates the brain. This creates the production of certain hormones, which in turn affect a variety of physiological processes. This explains why colour has been found to have such a direct influence on our thoughts, moods, and behaviour. The vibration of each colour also affects our aura and the charkas (energy centres of the body).

How Can We Use Colour in our Lives?

There are many ways that you can use the effects of colour to benefit you in your daily life. Here are just a few examples:

  • Choose the colours of your clothing according to how you want to feel that day or what type of energy you want to project.
  • Work with crystals of an appropriate colour. Wear them or place them in a room to receive the benefits of their colour.
  • Plan out what colours you want to use in a room (paint, furniture, decorations, etc.) according to the effect you wish to produce (calming, energizing, inviting, etc.)
  • To enhance the property of a certain colour in your life, eat foods of that colour.

Basic Colours and Their Properties:

Red: Physical energy, passion, desire, action, confidence, courage, warming, stability, security.

Orange: Joy, happiness, courageous, successful, outgoing, cheerful, enthusiastic, creative.

Yellow: Wisdom, intellect, clear thinking, creative energy, happiness, optimism, expression, friendly.

Green: Growth, renewal, peace and harmony, healing, hope, optimism, freedom, balance, prosperity and abundance.

Blue: Intuition, inspiration, sincerity, peace, joy, patience, tranquillity, faith in oneself and trust in others.

Violet: Spirituality, spiritual connection and fulfilment, transformation, meditation, power, success.

White: Purity, innocence, truth, new beginnings, protection.

Gold: Illumination, understanding, compassion, self-esteem, courage, passion, wisdom, prosperity, abundance.

By using colour in our lives we can help to create more balance and along with affirmations and a positive mental attitude we can also help to bring about the changes in our lives that we have been seeking. These may be goals, bringing love to you, getting closer to a person you desire or getting ahead in the workplace.

Colours you promote by wearing or sharing can help those around you to make you stand out and create a sense of strong and positive energy, you can command respect or show off your skills to those that may not have noticed in the past.

Always listen to your intuition, if you are drawn towards a certain colour a lot of the time then make sure to blend with it, wear it, seek it and you will start to realise why you need it in your life.

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