Valentines Day and the Full Moon

History of Valentines

Although it’s a tradition many of us experience, the 14 th February isn’t always questioned that much as to why we do what we do. How come we shower our favourite loved one in gifts and affection? Some say that it has its roots in Roman traditions stemming from many different situations.

But history is one thing and what it means for us now is another. For many Valentine’s day is split into many different groups, mainly two though – a time where we can celebrate the love we have for our partner or a time where we hope to be with someone special.

Celebrating with the one you love

This year Valentine’s Day is very special for a lot of people, in the UK we have a full moon on the same evening and this is going to mean a lot of emotional energy is around you. This full moon shows a strong and powerful energy alongside all the thoughts of love from many people around the world.

Mixed together all this emotion is going to change lives, we will see more people finding love on this day, more people seeing those they love making a stronger commitment, marriage, moving in with one another and knowing that their future is strong.

How to find love on Valentine’s

Many think that love comes to them at this very special time of year but as I tell many of my clients, this isn’t always the case. There may well be love in the air but you will always have to put some kind of effort into things to see changes in your life. Consider that if everyone thought someone else was going to make a move then nothing would happen!

This Full Moon will push many people into taking chances, sending cards and telling others how they feel this week in order to bring a love into their life this Valentines. If you have someone on your mind then let them know how you feel, even if it’s a small nudge, the energy around us all this week will bring that true love to you.

Moon Energy

Actually there is more to it as February the 14th is the first full moon night of the lunar year, it is also the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is the day dedicated to sweethearts. It seems this Friday is this year’s magical day for a fortunate date!

Throughout the ages, almost all cultures in the world associated the first full moon of the year with a magical charm. The day officially opens the new season and welcomes the spring. The dark cold winter days will finally come to an end, and soon spring will bloom. The turn of seasons bears hope for the renewal of life cycles. This is the time to awaken feelings of love, and match lovers!

High Expectations

Although this is a really exciting time and I am one for seeing love happen to those who seek it and deserve it, there is often a lot of stress around this date for those who don’t have a love in their life or who may have recently lost love through separation or bereavement.

Try not to focus just on this day, whilst it may bring positive energy into your life, it doesn’t mean it will magically materialise your knight in shining armour or your beautiful princess at your front door.

What it can do however is set the right pathway for you, so whilst you may not be getting the full on romance treatment this weekend you may see little in-roads into meeting the right person.

A friend may mention someone they’d like you to meet, you may be drawn to a profile on a dating site, you may see the shopkeeper at your local store smile at you for the fifth time this week and actually say something.

All in all this is a time to look at love and what is possible and if you are on your own then remember to contact other single friends and why not arrange a night out/in to celebrate the fact that you yet have love to come to you but also remain positive that Mr/Mrs Right is indeed out there and you’re on the right highway to meet them this year.

If you are wondering who you will be with this Valentines then please do let one of our highly skilled psychics guide you, they have prepared strongly for this Valentine’s Day and have a wealth of information waiting for you on what lies ahead for your love life this Valentine’s Day.

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