What Are Chakras? A Guide

As someone who is very spiritual and likes to keep myself grounded I learned a long time ago about Chakras. People talk about them quite a lot and may mention aligning them or creating balance and it being the body’s energy system. But what does it all mean? Well the word Chakra is from the ancient Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel” or “vortex” and they are the root of the human aura.

Chakra balancing can be very beneficial to those who feel lost or unsettled in life and are in need of a reset. Western holistic therapies now often use Chakra therapies widely and also tie in the colour scheme associated with it. This balancing can also be done on your own, so no need to employ someone.

Where Are They and What Do They Do?

Chakras are several different points on the body that make up the human energy system, these are physical, emotional and psychic energies. Each one relates to something else on our person or in our lives. There’s some variation on the belief of how many we have and where they are but they all follow a similar line.

CROWN – At the top of the head, this relates to the central nervous system, the brain and the right eye

BROW/THIRD EYE – On the middle of the forehead this relates to the pituitary gland, nose, ears and left eye

THROAT – This relates to the thyroid gland, throat and mouth

HEART – This relates to the heart, lungs, arms, hands, circulation

SOLAR PLEXUS – At the bottom of the ribs, this relates to the stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, nerves and muscles

SACRAL – In the pelvic area, this relates to the spleen, womb, genitals and bladder

ROOT – At the base of the spine, this relates to the kidneys, colon, spine, bones and legs

How Are They Used?

Many healers use Chakras to perform crystal healing therapy or colour therapy. The healer will place crystals on the body to assist the Chakra or even to help it become unblocked. Remember though that even though the above chart shows physical parts of the body, they aren’t meant to be taken literally.

For example, if you have recently had an argument with someone and bitterly regret something you said and can’t get things back on track then your throat Chakra may be out of alignment as this relates to something you said (using the mouth). If you have split with a partner and can’t forget them then you may need to focus on the heart (love) Chakra and also the Crown (brain/memory) Chakra to help you to move on from the past.

Self-meditation can also be amazing for clearing up your Chakras, I and many others use a visualisation technique, you can make up your own but I personally image my Chakras as shiny spinning vortexes. When I feel drained and run down I imagine that they are dull or even rusty, I start from the Crown Chakra and imagine the rust and dirt leaving it, it getting brighter as is spins and move down until the Root and all between are gleaming and in alignment.

Qualities and Colours of the Chakras  

CROWN – VIOLET – Unity, inspiration, spiritual self-will, idealism, perfection

BROW – INDIGO – Intuition, imagination, vision, clairvoyance, wisdom, concentration

THROAT – SKY BLUE – Communication, speech, creative writing, expression, truth, loyalty

HEART – GREEN – Love, compassion, peace, understanding, balance, harmony, soul

SOLAR PLEXUS – YELLOW – Will-power, confidence, self-esteem, humour, sensitivity

SACRAL – ORANGE – Procreation, sexual desire, joy, tolerance, change, adapting

ROOT – RED – Survival instinct, courage, grounding, vitality, passion, ability to create

This and the chart above are very simple and some believe there are more Chakras and they all do a lot more than is listed here but it’s a good guide to get you started!

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